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Important full forms of gk

Educational Short Form to Full Form
ATM- Automated Teller Machine.
AM-Anti Meridian.
AIR- All India Radio.
BA- Bachelor of Arts.
BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration
BCA-Bachelor of Computer Application
B.ed-Bachelor of Education.
BHM-Bachelor of Hotel Management.
B. Sc- Bachelor of Science.
B.Tech-Bachelor of Technology.
B. Com- Bachelor of Commerce.
BL- Bachelor of low.
CID- Criminal Investigation Department.
GOOGLE- Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.
YAHOO-Yet Another Hierarchical officious Oracle.
GST- Goods and Services Tax.
HS- Higher secondary.
MA- Master of Arts.
NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Ph.D.- Doctorate of Philosophy.
PM-Post Meridian.
PWD- Public Work Department.
PTO- Please Turn Over.
SMS- Short Message Service.
SET-State Eligibility Test.
TET- Teacher Eligibility Test.
CTET-Central Teacher Eligibility Test.
TGT-Trained Graduate Teacher.
NET-National Eligibility Test.
WHO- World Health Organization.


3G -Third Generation.
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication.
VIRUS-Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
CDMA - Code Divison Multiple Access.
SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.
RAM-Random-Acces Memory
ROM-Read Only Memory
KB-Kilo Byte.
GB-Giga Byte
TB-Tera Byte.
PB-Peta Byte.
EB-Exa Byte.
ZB-Zetta Byte.
YB-Yotta Byte.
CPU-Central Processing Unit.
UPS-Uninterruptible Power supply.
LCD-Liquid Cristal Display.
LED-Light-Emitting Diode
PC-Personal Computer
SD-Secure Digital.
CD-Compact Disc.
DVD-Digital Versatile Disc
HD-High Quality.
OS-Operating System.
JPG-Joint Photographic Experts Group
PNG-Portable Network Graphics
AVI-Audio Video Interleave.
WMV-Windows Media Video.
GIF-Graphics Interchange Format.
RGB- Red-Green-Blue.
USB-Universal Serial Bus.
IP-Internet Protocol.
WWW-World Wide Web.
HTTP-Hypertext Trasfer Protocol.
HTTPS-Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
E-Mail-Electronic Mail,

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