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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Phrases examples list



by chance
by far
by force
by hand
by heart
by law
by the name of
by accident
by air
by sea
by land
by all means
by birth
by check
by means of
by mistake


for fear of
for good
for granted
for hire
for lack of  
for life       
for love      
for my       
for real      
for the good of  
for the sake of  
for want of      
for a reason    
for a change    
for certain    
from memory     


in   a flash   
in   a heap 
in   a hurry   
in   a mess   
in   a pile    
in   a sense     
in   a temper   
in   abeyance    
in   abundance  
in   action      
in   addition to 
in   advance     
in   an instant 
in   an uproar   
in   answer to   
in   time      


on an island           
on approval    
on average   
on bail     
on behalf of  
on board   
on business           
on credit      
on display    
on edge    
on end   
on file 
on fire
on foot
on good terms
on hand


at a glance
at a guess
at a loss
at a price
at a rate of
at a speed of
at a standstill
at all costs
at all events
at any cost
at any rate
at breakfast
at home
at issue
at large
at least

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