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Parts of Speech: Noun, grammar, যেকোন ব্যাক্তি, প্রাণী, বস্তু, ভাব, ভাবনা, কাজ, অবস্থান, দোষ-গুণ, ইত্যাদির নামকে Noun বলে।

Parts of Speech: Noun, Grammar

 Parts of Speech: Noun, Grammar

Name of anything like individual, creature, place, thing, theoretical, thought, activity, state or quality is called Noun.

যেকোন ব্যাক্তি, প্রাণী, বস্তু, ভাব, ভাবনা, কাজ, অবস্থান, দোষ-গুণ, ইত্যাদির নামকে Noun বলে। 

Maria, Girl, Dhaka, Book, Teacher, Water, Honesty, Happiness, Family, Sleep, Death, and so on.
In Sentence: (Bold words are thing)

- A kid is coming towards us.
- Sarah is a pretty young lady.
- The sun sparkles in daytime.
- Education expels haziness.
- Poverty is revile.

The capacity of the Noun:

Thing assumes the job in a sentence as the subject of an action word or object of an action word or both subject and object of an action word.
Characterization of things:
A Noun can be characterized into five classes:

1. Proper Noun
2. Common Noun
3. Collective Noun
4. Abstract Noun
5. Material Noun

Present Indefinite Tense Structure link

i. Proper Noun
place or Noun: Proper Noun is the name of some specific individual, spot, or Noun.

Model: - Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. ( Dhaka is the name of a specific capital)
- Sunny is a keen kid. ( Sunny is the name of a specific kid)
- Rimi is an astute young lady. (Rimi is the name of a specific young lady)
Formal person, place, or thing consistently begins with a capital letter.

ii. Common Noun: 
   Common thing is a Noun that isn't the name of a specific thing or class however that speaks to one or the entirety of the individuals from that class or Noun.

A typical thing can be gone before by articles (a, the).
- Sunny is a shrewd kid. (Here the kid is a basic thing while Sunny is a formal person, place or thing)
- Rimi is a smart young lady. (Here the young lady is a basic thing while Rimi is a formal person, place or thing)
Models without sentence:
- People: kid, young lady, mother, father, infant, youngster, educator, understudy, man, lady, and so on.
- Things: book, table, PC, pen, pencil, and so on.
- Animals: winged animal, hound, feline, dairy animals, goat, wolf, tiger, and so forth.
- Place: city, nation, state, capital, seashore, timberland, and so forth.

iii. Collective Noun: An aggregate Noun is the name of an assortment or number or gathering of Noun or people taken together and considered of as one entirety.


Articles in English Link

- The naval force is prepared for the journey.
- The public didn't know about the occurrence.
- The proposition was affirmed by the bureau.
Model without sentence:
Group, class, armed force, crowd, posse, group, jury, family, group, panel, crowd, committee, open, naval force, bureau, gathering, organization, society, troupe, company, senate, workforce, board, and so on.

iv. Abstract Noun: 
A material noun is the name of material, substance, or element of something.

For example, iron, steel, copper, gold, coal, silver, milk, water, tea, sugar, wheat, and so on.
- The neckband is made of gold.
- Bovine gives us milk.
- Give me some tea.

v. Material Noun
An Abstract Noun is generally the name of a quality, activity, state, or idea.

Conceptual Nouns are the names of such Nouns that can't be contacted, tried, smelt, or heard.
For example,
Quality-genuineness, excellence, fortitude, intelligence, courage, idiocy, murkiness, benevolence, goodness, splendor, and so forth.
Activity Judgment, development, giggling, contempt, robbery, and so forth.
State-Childhood, childhood, youth, demise, neediness, subjugation, ailment, rest, and so on.
The names of Arts and Science, for example, syntax, science, material science, music, and so forth are additionally conceptual Nouns.

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