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Adverb -- Different Types

1-He Reads quickly.      Reads

2- He is very weak.       Weak

3- He Reads Very quickly.      quickly

4- He is dead against violence.      Against

Adverb গুলি মোটামুটি ৮ (8) প্রকার, যেমন - 

1- Adverb of Time.

2- Adverb of Place.

3- Adverb of Manner. ( Quality or state)

4- Adverb of Degree. ( Quantity or Extent)

5- Adverb of Frequency.

6- Interrogative Adverb.

7- Adverb of Affirmation or Negation.

8- Relative Adverb.

1- Adverb of Time

1- He went to Burdwan Yesterday.

2- He will come today / tomorrow.

3- They play in the morning.

4- I am busy now. 

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, in the morning, now এই গুলো নির্দেশ করেছ -------- এ গুলো Adverb of time,

2- Adverb of Place

1- Come here.

2- He went there.

3- Don't go up.

4- They play in the field.

3- Adverb of Manner (Quality or State)

1- He is talking loudly.

2- He played exceptionally.

3- He is lying I'll.

A- He is reading silently.

B- Fought bravely.

C- He can speak Hindi fluently.

Adjective ---------------------------------- Adverb

Angry ---------------------------------------- Angrily

Happy ---------------------------------------- Happily

Fortunate ----------------------------------- Fortunately

Slow -------------------------------------------- Slowly

Terrible ---------------------------------------- Terribly

4- Adverb of Degree ( Quantity of Extent)

1- I am very happy.

2- He is quite sure of it.

3- Don't do anything partly.

5- Adverb of Frequency

1- He comes to my house twice everyday.

2- He seldom goes to kolkata.

3- The girl often falls ill.

4- I never tell a lie.

6- Interrogative Adverb.

1- When did he come?

2- How long will he stay here?

3- Where do you live?

4- Whence has he come?

5- How often do you brush your teeth?

6- How is he now?

7- How did you do it?

8- How far was the report true?

9- How much tired is he?

10- Why did he do the?

7- Adverb of Affirmation or Negation

1- He did not come here.

Did you see the tiger?

Yes, I saw it.

No, I did not see it.

8- Relative Adverb

1- This is where we met.

2- This is the place where we met.

3- I know when  he will come.

4- I know the time when he will come.

5- We know why he did it.

6- We know the reason why he did it.

7- This is how he did it.

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