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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Active Voice to Passive Voice change pdf DOWNLOAD, Voice-Active থেকে Passive Voice এ রূপান্তরের নিয়ম

 Voice হলো verb এর এক বিশেষ বাচনভঙ্গি। ইংরেজিতে দুই রকমের Voice সাধারণ ভাবে Use করা হয়।

1- Active Voice 

2- Passive Voice


1- He eats rice. সে ভাত খায়।

2- Rice is eaten by him. তার দ্বারা ভাত খাওয়া হচ্ছে।

Active Voice এ Subject নিজেই verb এর কাজটা সক্রিয় ভাবে করে।

আর Passive Voice এ Subject টা নিষ্ক্রিয় হয়ে যায় ও অন্য একটা Subject Verb এর কাজটা করে।

Voice-Active Voice থেকে Passive Voice এ রূপান্তরের নিয়ম

1- প্রথমেই Active Voice এর Object টাকে Subject করে নিতে হবে।

2- তারপর একটি Auxiliary Verb ('Be' Verb) Tense অনুযায়ী বসাতে হবে।

3- Active Voice এর Finite Verb- টা Past Participle Form এ change করতে হবে।

4- তারপর একটি By বসাতে হবে।

5- Active এর Subject টি Object রূপে বসাতে হবে।


Active voice- He writes a letter.

Passive voice- A letter is written by him.

Tense ------------------------- 2nd অংশের Auxiliary

Present Indefinite --------- is / am / are

Present Continuous ------- is /am /are + being

Present perfect ------------ have / has + been

Past indefinite ---------------- was/ were

Past continuous -------------- was/ were being

Past perfect -------------------- had been

Future indefinite -------------- shall be / will be

Future continuous ------------ বিশেষ প্রয়োগ নেই।

Future perfect ----------------- shall/ will have been

Active voice Subject ---------------------- Passive  

I ------------------------------------------------------ me

We ---------------------------------------------------- us

You ------------------------------------------------------ you

He  ------------------------------------------------------ him

She ------------------------------------------------------ her

It  ------------------------------------------------------ it

They ----------------------------------------------- them

Ram / Sita -------------------------------------- Ram/ sita


ACTIVE-  I sing a song.

PASSIVE- A song is sung by me.

ACTIVE- You buy a pen.

PASSIVE- A pen is bought by you.

ACTIVE- He eats rice.

PASSIVE- Rice is eaten by him.

ACTIVE- She drinks milk.

PASSIVE- Milk is Drunk by her.

ACTIVE-  We see birds.

PASSIVE- Birds are seen by us.

ACTIVE- They help us.

PASSIVE- We are helped by them.

ACTIVE- The boy reads English.

PASSIVE- English is read by the boy

ACTIVE- My brother helps his brother.

PASSIVE- His brother is helped by my brother.

ACTIVE- He calls me.

PASSIVE- l am called by him.

ACTIVE- He dose not drink milk.

PASSIVE- Milk is not Drunk by him.

A- Dose he drink milk?

P- Is milk drunk by him?

A-Who drinks milk?

P- By whom is milk drunk?

Active Voice to Passive Voice change pdf DOWNLOAD

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