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How to speak english fluently in bengali (কিভাবে সাবলীলভাবে ইংরেজিতে কথা বলা যায়),Do you want to Speak English Faster. How to speak english fluently,

Do you want to Speak English Faster
কিভাবে সাবলীলভাবে ইংরেজিতে কথা বলা যায়

1.I have got to go, 
2.I have got a book,
3.Do you want to dance?
4.Do you want a banana?
5.let me in,
6.let me go,
7.I'll let you know, 
8.Did you do it?
9.Not yet, 
10.I will meet you later,
How to Say you are welcome
No problem.
Of course.
It was nothing.
No worries.
Sure thing.
It's okay.
You are welcome.
Don't mention it.
You got it.
Glad to help.
That's all right.
Never mention it.
Glad to have helped.
Not a problem.
I'm happy to help you. 
It's my duty.
That's absolutely fine.
It's all gravy.
My pleasure.
Not at all.

Some Different Way To Say Pretty


Parts of Speech: Noun, grammar, যেকোন ব্যাক্তি, প্রাণী, বস্তু, ভাব, ভাবনা, কাজ, অবস্থান, দোষ-গুণ, ইত্যাদির নামকে Noun বলে।

Parts of Speech: Noun, Grammar

 Parts of Speech: Noun, Grammar

Name of anything like individual, creature, place, thing, theoretical, thought, activity, state or quality is called Noun.

যেকোন ব্যাক্তি, প্রাণী, বস্তু, ভাব, ভাবনা, কাজ, অবস্থান, দোষ-গুণ, ইত্যাদির নামকে Noun বলে। 

Maria, Girl, Dhaka, Book, Teacher, Water, Honesty, Happiness, Family, Sleep, Death, and so on.
In Sentence: (Bold words are thing)

- A kid is coming towards us.
- Sarah is a pretty young lady.
- The sun sparkles in daytime.
- Education expels haziness.
- Poverty is revile.

The capacity of the Noun:

Thing assumes the job in a sentence as the subject of an action word or object of an action word or both subject and object of an action word.
Characterization of things:
A Noun can be characterized into five classes:

1. Proper Noun
2. Common Noun
3. Collective Noun
4. Abstract Noun
5. Material Noun

Present Indefinite Tense Structure link

i. Proper Noun
place or Noun: Proper Noun is the name of some specific individual, spot, or Noun.

Model: - Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. ( Dhaka is the name of a specific capital)
- Sunny is a keen kid. ( Sunny is the name of a specific kid)
- Rimi is an astute young lady. (Rimi is the name of a specific young lady)
Formal person, place, or thing consistently begins with a capital letter.

ii. Common Noun: 
   Common thing is a Noun that isn't the name of a specific thing or class however that speaks to one or the entirety of the individuals from that class or Noun.

A typical thing can be gone before by articles (a, the).
- Sunny is a shrewd kid. (Here the kid is a basic thing while Sunny is a formal person, place or thing)
- Rimi is a smart young lady. (Here the young lady is a basic thing while Rimi is a formal person, place or thing)
Models without sentence:
- People: kid, young lady, mother, father, infant, youngster, educator, understudy, man, lady, and so on.
- Things: book, table, PC, pen, pencil, and so on.
- Animals: winged animal, hound, feline, dairy animals, goat, wolf, tiger, and so forth.
- Place: city, nation, state, capital, seashore, timberland, and so forth.

iii. Collective Noun: An aggregate Noun is the name of an assortment or number or gathering of Noun or people taken together and considered of as one entirety.


Articles in English Link

- The naval force is prepared for the journey.
- The public didn't know about the occurrence.
- The proposition was affirmed by the bureau.
Model without sentence:
Group, class, armed force, crowd, posse, group, jury, family, group, panel, crowd, committee, open, naval force, bureau, gathering, organization, society, troupe, company, senate, workforce, board, and so on.

iv. Abstract Noun: 
A material noun is the name of material, substance, or element of something.

For example, iron, steel, copper, gold, coal, silver, milk, water, tea, sugar, wheat, and so on.
- The neckband is made of gold.
- Bovine gives us milk.
- Give me some tea.

v. Material Noun
An Abstract Noun is generally the name of a quality, activity, state, or idea.

Conceptual Nouns are the names of such Nouns that can't be contacted, tried, smelt, or heard.
For example,
Quality-genuineness, excellence, fortitude, intelligence, courage, idiocy, murkiness, benevolence, goodness, splendor, and so forth.
Activity Judgment, development, giggling, contempt, robbery, and so forth.
State-Childhood, childhood, youth, demise, neediness, subjugation, ailment, rest, and so on.
The names of Arts and Science, for example, syntax, science, material science, music, and so forth are additionally conceptual Nouns.


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